Our assets


 custom built & modular 


  A combination of modular and re-usable custom built elements enables you to participate in a cost-effective manner. We offer the possibility to rent current systems.






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storage & logistics


Publiganda disposes of more than 45.000 m3 of storage space.
This enables us to store all your stand elements in ideal circumstances.





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international expertise 


From Stockholm tot Singapore, from Buenos Aires to Tokyo...
Wherever you participate in an event, Publiganda is your partner.

With more than 30 years experience in the international stand construction, Publiganda is acquainted with the specific characteristics and local regulations of dozens of exhibition centres broad.

Through our networks (IFES & OSPI) we can call upon a great number of foreign suppliers for the realization of the stands on site. We ensure the supervision throughout the project.

Publiganda takes care of:

  • All technical requirements
  • Export documents
  • International transport
  • Worldwide supervision
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durable & ecological 


Publiganda is an environmentally friendly company which carefully recycles all materials.                            When choosing the materials for our creations, we are always conscious of the effect they have on the environment. This is why we use eco-friendly paint and FSC-labelled wood.

Furthermore, we use 100% green electricity from the provider Essent.


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